For Michael K. Williams, the Emmy-nominated actor who played Omar Little on The Wire and Chalky White on Boardwalk Empire, Kings County is more than the name Brooklyn was founded under in 1683. It is the name of the hospital where he was born. The county where he was raised. The footprint of his formative years and struggle. The melting pot of fiercely-proud communities that accepted him, in spite of his mixed heritage as half Caribbean and half Southern American. The flea markets that informed his style—his own curation of the many cultural influences around him. The swagger it instilled in him.

When dreaming up his fashion brand, Williams only ever considered one name: KINGS COUNTY. Kings County launched in September 2018 as a micro collection of socially-conscious streetwear designed to empower and encapsulate heritage pride. A percentage of every piece sold will go to Williams’s non-profit organization, Making Kids Win, which develops judgement-free community centers—safe places for inner-city children to spend the hours between school and their parents getting home. For Williams, Kings County is just as much about building the minds and futures of kings and queens from all counties to come.

If you’re proud of where you come from and the struggles you’ve overcome, and you consider yourself a king—regardless of your gender, orientation, or birthplace—then Kings County is for you.

"I think deep down inside there's a king and a queen in all of us, and for that one reason everybody is eligible to wear Kings County." said Williams. "If you a king, or you a queen, then rep your county."